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tv   Headline News  RT  May 21, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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twenty children are among ninety one people reported killed in the u.s. with dozens more feared trapped under the rubble after a devastating tornado sweeps through an oklahoma city suburb leveling neighborhoods and schools. shooting the messenger the u.s. government hits out at the fox news journalists start to publish classified information leaked by state department security expert. sectarian strife sheer has been militants joined forces with the syrian government to retake a sunni rebel stronghold no lebanon raising fears a religious divide could spread across the region. and r t talks the lawyer of a guantanamo inmate he says his client a shot several times by god this is the hunger strike there enters its one hundred
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fifty day. live from moscow twenty four hours a day this is r.t. i'm just. two mile wide tornado has swept through a southern suburb of oklahoma city in the us leaving devastation in its wake. that's why i got worried i've never seen stuff move right off like. twenty children are among the ninety one reported dead and rescue operations continue in the central u.s. state the further twenty four children feared trapped under the rubble of their school over one hundred forty casualties have been admitted to the local hospitals president obama has declared a major disaster in the city announced federal aid for the area journalists some sacks has been for us. so this afternoon
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a massive tornado ripped through oklahoma ripped through the areas around oklahoma city it was new for tornado is the second strongest tornado on the scale from you want to you five that means winds over two hundred miles an hour the tornado was reportedly two miles wide something you don't see very often here wide swaths of residential area have been completely just decimated is though something you'd see after the hiroshima or nagasaki tomic bombings we have rescuers are frantically searching through the rubble where there was an elementary school in line with the tornado reports are that there were seventy five students in staff in the school at the time the tornado hit and that school's been reduced to rubble rescuers are now coming through the story trying to pull out here alive and we have some reports that some children have indeed been pulled out alive this was one of about twenty eight tornadoes that touched down around the area in oklahoma kansas illinois i walked in to make matters worse the main hospital in moore oklahoma had to be
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evacuated for you know it sustained massive damage in the storm and storm as well so there's a considerable cleanup effort going on right now with search and recovery effort going on now that will go on through the night but this is something you know nearly unprecedented in the area. smith from green action an organization that's been dealing with the aftermath of a consumer charge of the in japan says it takes years to get life back to anything like normal in areas hit by natural disasters i used to live very near kansas and so i know you know the seriousness of of tornadoes i've been once very close to one but i cannot imagine what hardship they are going through in pain . i don't know the situation there but i think that we have to be very careful and consider you know any kind of warning system should be completely not political you know the words it has to on the best scientific knowledge and that is
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the way to protect the people as much as possible but a lot of times these decisions are political about what kind of warnings to issue or what kind of preparation to make and that's absolutely not excusable i don't know what the case is in oklahoma but i know that that's for sure in japan what happened but now we have in japan over three hundred three hundred ten thousand people still evacuated and living in limbo and trying to reestablish a life back where where you were located before i mean rebuilding complete cities towns villages is just incredibly difficult and also concerned for example in japan another tsunami would hear and so trying to prepare for it building up higher on the ground etc it just takes you know a whole generation or more and it's just so much hardship and to increase that hardship because of poor political decisions is just inexcusable and you can track
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all latest developments from oklahoma on our web site r.t. dot com we'll bring you details coverage the latest pictures video and reaction from the ins at the same. fox news journalist is being accused of conspiracy out of this closing classified information he received from the state department advisor f.b.i. claims james rosen could be charged as an accessory to a national security leak his colleagues say they're outraged he's been labeled a criminal for doing his job as a reporter what is going to chicken says journalists are alarmed that the u.s. government appears to be treating them as whistleblowers. the u.s. justice department not only subpoena fox news reporters private e-mails but also said that james rosen was quote an aider and abettor and or coconspirator in the alleged crime so these words appear in a court document basically accusing the reporter of breaking the law for conducting the routine business of reporting on government secrets in the forty four pages of
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the justice department's application for the search warrant of mr rosen's g.-mail account you see e-mail exchanges between a state department employee identified as the alleged the courier and james rosen so the authorities have established that the communication between the two has led to rosen writing an article in two thousand and nine which said north korea planned to respond to looming u.n. sanctions with another nuclear test it's becoming obvious to journalists that the administration is now targeting not just the leakers but also reporters just recently we learned that the u.s. justice department secretly obtained two months of telephone records targeting a.p. reporters and editors work and personal phone numbers believes more than one hundred of its journalists were caught up in this surveillance sweep the some president eight hundred full leaks has had an enormous chilling effect on investigative journalism the obama administration has brought more cases against
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whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined journalists have seen their sources drying out as government officials are much less inclined to share these days but now we see a different probably more alarming development the government making journalists the subject of their investigations and it's not clear what the government expects from journalists just to copy paste whatever they say in press releases if that is the case that would be the end of our profession. well fox news reports a case comes in the wake of revelations the u.s. government tap the phones of a.p. journalists something the agency's top executive described as a massive and unprecedented intrusion as founder of the waterway can use portal china graph told r.t. soon thomas said the u.s. media is paying the price for going beyond official sources these networks that we're talking about are not new. you need opinion yet they're not known to to step outside the light of the government press conference they should just regurgitate
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exactly what the government puts out but if you have somebody that says actually doesn't journalism yes you can expect retribution and i don't know who could possibly consider that and not to work that way in their decision to be investigated jools well if there is a leak that could compromise national security doesn't the government have the right to do everything that they can to stop that leak that you got it is obviously stepping outside of that bounds if you're talking about reporting these information that is critical for the lives for the populace yes it's going to be things that can be reported that shouldn't be leaked but you're really going after the troops to doing his job and not the intersect is dysfunctional government that we have folks in the first place now the government is investigating reporters in the hopes of finding leaks within its own ranks and you kind of touched on this just a second ago why do you think it has chosen this approach rather than looking for
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the source of the actually just scare the hell out of you buddy who dares to stand up to the party went to the edge and a lot and this isn't just the obama administration it's the previous administration it will be the next administration it has control of the government it's hubris at its worst and it's going to continue to read the freedom of the people this country . more than one hundred inmates single in turn america have now been on hunger strike for one hundred five days in a drive to highlight abuses at the tourist detention center on prisoner was reportedly shot several times last month by god auntie's miniport now has the full story. thirty five year old detainee. was reportedly shot several times by get more guard last month his attorney ramsey cost some joins me now to speak exclusively to r.t. about what happened mr clawson thank you for your time. and when it was your client shot and what were the circumstances of the shooting that's how the table thirteenth of this year the bottom of all military prison at the station decided to
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raid and six the prison facility at guantanamo pipeline the trollies prison. laid to conduct a direct order to move all the prisoners to solitary confinement and that was just one additional way that the prison in this station wanted to try to break the hunger strike what happened on that day according to mr allawi is that in the process he was shot without any warning for absolutely no good reason by one of the u.s. army guards had dangerously close range using rubber coated steel pellets that are only safely used outside of a certain range he was shot in five places one shot was around the heart the other shot was in his elbow another was in his shoulder and there were a couple of impact on the size particularly the shot that went to his heart the dark horse of range even a rubber coated steel pellet can penetrate skin and can be fatal the authorities are guantanamo endangered mr always life for no reason they gave him no warning
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they fired on him repeatedly and then following that fact they delayed the medical treatment that he should have received immediately as the u.s. government acknowledged that this shooting did take place absolutely and i received confirmation in writing by an e-mail from the department of justice that mr all he was sustained what they described as minor injuries but then when i heard the description from mr all we solve it was very different from what i saw on the governance and we also received confirmation in writing from the u.s. government via e-mail that he was being force fed. that is a vial. in the international law fact that it is done in an unnecessarily painful and brutal way that does that prisoners are strapped down to these restraint chairs that they have to force down their nose into their stomachs there are many other ways to to feed prisoners even if those prisoners wish to be true. and the u.s. government is again doing it in a deliberately filing way in order to break the hunger strikes correct me if i'm
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wrong he's been held at guantanamo. with no charges against him is that right that's correct the trial he has never been charged with any crime we have no reason to believe that the u.s. government has any interest in charging him with an actual crime here in the real war or in a military commission the reality is that mr ali has been a one on a mole for over eleven years without a fair process and that's the reason he's on hunger strike today u.s. president barack obama is expected to address the nation on thursday speaking about guantanamo bay have a detention center and i assume he will address this hunger strike what would you like to hear the president the united states say well i can tell you what i would not like to hear i don't want to hear a repetition of the promises that president obama has been making for years i don't want to hear that he's going to appoint some official who'll be the sponsible for closing guantanamo we had an official like that for years and want to animal was not closed i don't want to hear about administrative review mechanisms because we've had many before that and they didn't lead to any meaningful progress the only
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official who is responsible for the existence of guantanamo today as far as i'm concerned as far as my clients are concerned is president obama himself he needs to take concrete steps towards closing the prison and i don't believe the man i want to animal will interrupt their hunger strike unless president obama takes such concrete steps and one very obvious concrete step you can take this to begin by releasing some prisoners who are food for transfer who can be repatriated or resettled in another country like another one of my clients shakur aamer who's been approved for transfer for years the u.k. has been asking for his release that's the united states' oldest and most trustworthy ally he is a very. natural first step the president is serious about closing guantanamo we need actions we need deeds not words mr carson thank you very much for your time and really thank you. just ahead on the program for you dipping into trouble you know make us confront the pressing issue of how all this boy is served in restaurants setting aside the financial woes rocking europe for a walk softly but. i
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free. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media dog hearty dot com. welcome back here with me well global security is at the forefront of discussions between russia's national security council chief nikolai. and his u.s. colleague thomas. in washington the two countries are sitting down for talks for the first time since the boston marathon bombings and russia's dug a star in that region also rocked by a deadly car bomb on monday let's get more on this now from our hugo piskun of life or so you go what's expected to come out of this visit then well there are several reasons why this visit is of such significance first of all it's the first
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such visit of a russian official of such a high level to the u.s. after the recent terrorist attack in boston conducted by the brothers both on who were of chechen origin but also the head of russia's security council got out and you got a partnership is expected to deliver an official letter from president putin to barack obama so they're not only expected to discuss mutual threats and challenges but the relationship between the two countries in general. and you go boston bombings in the u.s. and now a car bomb in russia has dug a stun is there a common threat here. well definitely a terrorism is as big of a threat to russia as it is to the united states look at the caucasus a war. like biggest on where unfortunately terror attacks happen only almost on a daily basis for instance just on monday there were two car explosions and russian
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security services here that many groups operating there are linked to international terror organizations including al qaeda but it's really not only about the caucasus also on monday officials announced that they've managed to. plot to attack moscow catching a group of suspected terrorists in moscow region who were of afghani and pakistani origin so there are definitely things that russian and the u.s. security services can discuss and work together on including these mutual threats and actually it is expected that president bush in his letter to barack obama is going to call for an increased cooperation between the security services of both countries including when it comes to fighting terrorism. ok out his evil personal things for that. now moving on u.k.
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prime minister david cameron is due in brussels this week to debate tax policies in the e.u. but at home is facing mounting questions over whether britain should even be involved in the blocs matters cameron's conservative party has issued a draft bill in an in out referendum which says it must be held before the end of the twenty seventeen and so far opinion poll suggests the majority are likely to vote for an exit so you can look at the latest figures right now almost a half of those surveyed twenty six percent would say yes to leaving the e.u. and almost the same amount say the vote should be held now forty four percent while only twenty nine percent are ready to wait until cameron's chosen date of twenty seventeen on the rising u.s. skeptic mood is fuelling worries that foreign investors are being put off by the uncertainty you can't party the national firearms says it's another reason the u.k. should hold a referendum soon or what would've been really damaging to the u.k. economy is if we'd been stupid enough to join the euro zone but thank goodness we
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said no otherwise we'd be in a very similar state to many of the mediterranean countries today so that was the first big good decision that we've made i do understand the argument about it. even though i very much take the view that trade would go on between britain and the rest of europe completely out of exit but also leaving political union after all european countries sell far more goods to us that we do to them but i do understand that anything where you're told it could be out for half perhaps even five years debate on the subject could lead to. all of which really reinforces my view that what cameron has done here is to attempt to kick this issue you off into the long grass and that really we've got to have a referendum to sort this issue out before the next general election. well meanwhile with the eurozone struggling to dig itself out of recession and the trust of politicians hitting record lows legislators in brussels have found time to
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tackle some unexpected issues nothing to do with the debt crisis migration or social welfare but would dining olive oil and dipping bowls of these people all of a hassle. from the start of next year the european dining experience is set for a small change that could have potentially huge implications after that deadline restaurants won't be able to serve all of oil from small bottles like this that can be topped up they going to have to service from sealed bottles that can't be refilled now this is being put into law from brussels by the european union and it's going to come into effect as i say from the first of january next year now to talk more about this and what it actually means i'm joined by steve meissner from the german political organization a party of reason steve the e.u. surely has bigger things to worry about than this right now i would think though this seems to be almost like a caricature of the you with their with their constant meddling in small problems
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and making small problems into big problems then you would think they would have enough to do with the euro currency problems and the debt crisis in southern europe but no if you only go on to start your english you know rests on what they can surf and open corrupt and it's sort of a joke really it also it just smacks of a lack of self-awareness the e.u. is under attack from many different sides you've got people in britain wanting to pull out of the union and they go and live up to the stereotype of bunkers brussels bureaucracy and make legislation about all of oil as it does seem to be a real lack of self-awareness that is why do they think seems to have too much time on their hands perhaps many of the problems you aren't even big enough that they still have energy and tax money and very proud to spare to spend on silly experiments like this or that we programs like this where we have to cut down the whole size of the broccoli that they have don't have that much money and be
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that many bureaucrats so they can't even come up with the all these harebrained schemes in the first place this is definitely not something that needs to be done on the international uy basis how we're going to serve our all of oil in the restaurant i mean i don't see the need for it at all so there we go steve mice the thanks very much for talking to us all of oil topping the list of topics that the e.u. deem needs their attention right now. peter over there or sectarian violence is engulfing iraq where another series of blasts has killed seven people across the country mostly in northern areas so is have been protesting against the country's sheer led government and attack on their protest camp in late april caused a major surge in violence there and last month became the deadliest in the country since two thousand and eight friday one of the most violent days of this year and the constant strife since the two thousand and three us military intervention has led to more than one hundred thousand deaths so terry and bloodshed reached its
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height three years into the u.s. occupation when tens of thousands were killed many now fear a return to those violent days with tents for tat sunni and shia attacks showing no signs of ending the fighting in iraq has also displaced over three million people in the past decade they two million more fled their homes and remain at risk within the country support for displaced iraqis throughout the region is dwindling with some of the donor focus being shifted to an increasing number of syrian refugees professor ibrahim aloof says u.s. involvement stoke sectarian conflicts in iraq as did the start of the unrest in neighboring syria. this is definitely a conflict that has read by mentions that what's in store is a sectarian conflict as stake in place and iraq since the u.s. invasion of that country ten years ago the identity of the leadership and iraq before the invasion was not the one the same thing goes for syria today on one hand
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you have sectarian forces trying to stir up sectarian conflicts on the other hand you have many son this is within syria probably more than half of the suddenly population within syria siding with the bashar assad regime because they realize that the alternative of. sectarian conflict and sectarian divisions and get more in-depth coverage of the violent conflict engulfing about by logging onto our website r.t. dot com there you'll find detailed analysis of what's causing the sectarian strife i would as accounts and. some other news making headlines around the world this hour ten policemen have been killed in two separate attacks in afghanistan a powerful roadside bomb destroyed a police vehicle killing all six officers in the western province four more were
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killed in a firefight in the western and province attacks occur on almost daily bases in afghanistan as militant groups continue to wage war against foreign mitchie presence in that country. thousands of emma q.m. party members have rallied in the pakistani city of karachi against iran can the leader of the movement for justice party is part of their outrage after publicly accusing him q.m. involvement in the murder of a senior member of his party shall hit her saying he was shot dead on the eve of saturday's controversial election rerun. and violent riots broke out in stockholm over the police shooting of an elderly man in the capital's be district lot of footage shows gangs of use attacking a police officer while cars and buildings in the background readily services were forced to evacuate residents from adjacent buildings. well the car is the reports
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talks soaring stocks for the bones and rising debt today's upside down economy that's next on r.t. . although i was born after the vietnam era i remember t.v. discussions about that buddhist monk who burned himself to death as a form of protest the commentators on the news said that people there just have a different mindset that westerners could never understand you know which is probably true but they were implying that people in the west are just different and would never use this absolutely extreme form of protest which is also probably true until just recently with the cost of electricity exceeding the income of the average bulgarian and a new government coming to power that looks exactly like the old government that
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collapsed at least six ball gary and have used self-immolation as a very desperate and extreme form of protest but why kristen ghodsee a professor at bowdoin college who has extensively talked about here and protesters claims that those who self-immolating are just incredibly desperate and cannot feed their own children and that people are actually becoming a stealth check for communism because at least that system at the people's basic needs the current democratic system from the populace perspective according to her just cycles through a few new crooks every few years although it does get media attention and you may be feeling desperate suicide is never an answer the more living bulgarians the better book areas chances believe me but that's just my opinion. well with. science technology innovation all the latest developments from
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around russia we've got the future covered. welcome to the kaiser report i-max kaiser longstanding data patterns broken down stock prices have soared even as bond spreads have declined corporate bond yields are falling while debt is rising yes down is the new up while ironically up is the new down so the pilots of the global economy and financial markets don't know if they're flying upside down or right side up ascending or descending shoring or crashing. yes max this seems to be the problem we have with the global financial system and the markets at the time is that you have the likes of paul krugman on one side saying everything is going great then you have the likes of bill gross at
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pimco on the other side saying this is a dangerous market so we're going to look at some headlines here about who is right markets insight phony q e piece masks rising risk of instability so julian tell ask are the markets going mad between one thousand nine hundred seven and two thousand and one the level of unemployment in the euro zone was always inversely correlated to the stocks index however as you can see from this chart since two thousand and eleven the eurozone jobless rate has jumped from ten to twelve percent even as the stock's has risen ten percent so you can see from that chart that they've gone in separate directions the light blue line is the unemployment number inverted in the red line is the stock equities and well the economy has entered the bermuda triangle you know the pyramid of triangle famously where many planes of disappeared well we know anecdotally.


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